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Boards and Bits (american online retailer) had a nice package dealer on some Splotter games. So, I ordered Roads & Boats, and Indonesia (both on my to-get list) as well as Cannes, VOC, and Oraklos. The package came out to less than the normal retail for R&B and Indonesia.

Now, I just have to wait until Penguicon to pick them up.
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Went gaming at green_ogre's and mostly played shorter, quicker games. Lots of them. I played 3 games of Ricochet Robots (me), 2 games of Jungle Speed (ironphoenix, me), Guillotine (ansfrid) and San Juan (green_ogre). We also played a couple longer games: Niagara (me) and Brass (ansfrid).

I left relatively early (9:30 or so) since I'm up early tomorrow (Sunday) morning to go climbing, then fly off to Connecticut around dinner time.

P.S. green_ogre, I accidentally left with your pen.

P.P.S. gabriel_le: I returned ilanikhan's stuff to her.
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Went to ironphoenix's place to game today. donnav was the only other person to show up, though apparently beable had made noises (posts?) about showing up, too. We played Clans, Aladdin's Dragons (in which I screwed up the finish, so allowing ironphoenix to win on tie break), two games of Igel Argern (which is far too much roll&move for me), and then got into the rules for Goa and then Santa Fe Rails both vetoed by donnav as too much to learn at that point, so finished off with Puerto Rico.
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[edit] Game designer answered on BGG, it is simultaneous occupation. [/edit]

Hey ragnhildr, could you help with some German?

The rules to Antike in German are available at: http://www.eggertspiele.com/down/antike/antike_regel_deu.pdf

(And French rules here: http://www.eggertspiele.com/down/antike/antike_regles_franz.pdf )

The French pretty clearly use s'occuper for the boats -- "occupy" suggests ironphoenix's interpretation of the rules is correct.

Babelfish uses "travelled" and "drives on" for the German, which isn't good enough for me to know what the better interpretation of the German would be.

The German paragraph in question (for navigators) would be:

Für sieben befahrene Meere erhält ein Volk einen
antiken Seefahrer. Sobald es 14 Meere befährt,
erhält es einen zweiten antiken Seefahrer. Dabei
zählt jede Provinz als befahrenes Meer, in der
sich am Ende des Spielzuges mindestens eine
eigene Galeere befindet. Dies gilt unabhängig
davon, ob sich auch Galeeren anderer Völker in
der Provinz befinden.
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'Cause, by now, everyone expects me to write one, and they don't even exchange LJ ids, cause I'm just going to put it in my report.

In attendance for gaming were me, ironphoenix, donnav, ragnhildr, beable, and a bit later, ansfrid. Showing up later were Stef, John, and ironphoenix's S -- with a drive by hello from Jenny (my sister) and her partner Aaron.

We opened with a 3-player game of China for donnav, ragnhildr and me -- but after the first two plays, beable showed up... so I re-explained the rules, we got the first couple plays done... and ironphoenix showed up... so we re-explained the rules and started. beable won, with me in 2nd -- but it was a close finish for everyone.

We had just explained our 2nd game, Ra, when ansfrid showed up. He decided to spectate, so we didn't have to pull out another game. [edit] The top 3 were close this time -- ironphoenix in first, me 2nd and ragnhildr close for 3rd. [/edit]

beable had to leave shortly, so requested a short game. I pulled out Jungle Speed. :) To nobody's surprise, I took first. ironphoenix had 2nd.

beable left, and ansfrid joined us finally for our next game, Antike. I took a clear first, and ragnhildr was sitting in 2nd place. (I also discovered that I've been playing the 7-seas part of Antike wrong, and that the correct way is open to interpretation.) [edit] Game designer answered on BGG -- the simultaneous occupation interpretation is correct. [/edit]

Near the end of Antike, the 3 remaining people appeared, and the game actually finished shortly after 6pm -- well-timed for the start of the potluck portion of the evening.

After dinner, a discussion of games talked about luck vs skill and random elements, and I asserted that it was quite possible to construct a game with random elements, and yet no luck. After a minute, I realized I in fact owned 2 games that in fact had that property -- in particular Set and Ricochet Robots. We pulled out Ricochet Robots for our last game of the evening, and ironphoenix won (with 5) to a tie for 2nd place (4 each) between ragnhildr and me.

(Note: China is on loan from M in Michigan. He has it cause of eviljohn and Tanga.)
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13 games played. Ok, 7 of them were Fluxx -- but that's still 6 more games.

First to show up was donnav, we got in 4 games of Fluxx before ironphoenix, then ansfrid showed up. We pulled out Elfenlands (ironphoenix brought it), and were almost done the rules and started playing when arndis joined us. We finished that, won by me on tie-break (tie-breaks common in this game) with arndis in 2nd. Then we played Alhambra, which I tend to dislike (no change there, though ironphoenix says there are expansions that might improve things), where I came from behind to take 2nd behind ansfrid in first. ansfrid and arndis had to leave, so we moved on to Puerto Rico won by ironphoenix. Then Transeuropa won by me, and Saint Petersburg, where the game was very close, with ironphoenix pipping me by 1 point on the money at the end of the game and donnav being about 4 points back. Then 3 more games of Fluxx while we waited for donnav's bus. After she left, and while ironphoenix and I were tail-end of gaming chatting, concordantnexus showed up, and we decided one more game couldn't hurt... so I pulled out The Bridges of Shangri-la, and ironphoenix took it by one point over concordantnexus. (And, I think I won 5 or 6 of the games of Fluxx.)

Wow. Now, soon to sleep, as I need to be up early for climbing tomorrow.


Aug. 13th, 2007 12:33 am
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Spent today at ironphoenix's place playing in the first of his "long-game" days. The game of choice was 2038 -- one of the 18xx series, but set in the future. This one is all about being the nastiest and most effective capitalist bastard that you possibly can. We started with the inexperienced players arriving an hour early for a rules explanation, and then game start an hour later. We had 4 newbies (including me), and 2 experienced players -- I pulled out a fairly clear first (5500+ net worth) despite a major rules snafu (misexplained, not misunderstood) that would have affected my late game a fair bit, with the 2 experienced players both in the 4800-4600 range, and the rest below that. If it weren't on the order of 15 years out of print, I just might be looking to get a copy of this game. I'm definitely going to look at playing others in this series.
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I'd like to host gaming at my place this Saturday (July 7th), starting at 1pm. I'm collecting RSVPs to make sure I have enough people (at least 3 or 4), so RSVPs are appreciated.

Who is interested?


May. 27th, 2007 01:09 am
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Gamed with ragnhildr, con_girl, and foms.

We played The Bridges of Shangri-la and El Grande.

I've played El Grande before, and knew I liked it. I think I also like Bridges, but I'm not really sure how to win, yet. I did, but I don't think I understand the game yet. But, it is a good game.
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And, today was the last day of Cangames.

I dropped out of Battlelore, deciding I didn't want to spend more time playing a game I really wasn't interested in, and there were a couple interesting possibilities this morning. There was a Diplomacy game with 6 players already signed up that looked really tempting -- but gabriel_le's Afrika II game had only her signed up. As it was a pair of 2-player games (for 4 players), I joined that, so her game wouldn't be cancelled. Afrika II is a chit & hex game, and we only played a couple turns (a couple hours with all the learning), but it was her first introduction to that sort of game, and I think it went pretty well.

We then took a bit of a break from Cangames, and came home and relaxed a bit, and got some more food.

In the afternoon I played Antike, which I quite like (and ended up buying). For those for which this will mean anything, it plays like Civilisation-lite (not Civ the computer game). It is a Mediteranean game of expansion for resources for production for more expansion.

Since gabriel_le had finished her game, I wandered around a bit, and watched Clans being played. We then shopped a bit (when I bought Antike, and Modern Art which gabriel_le had quite liked). Then, wandering back from the Marketplace, I noticed that the Clans game had just finished. So I asked the person at the game if he'd mind playing again, and teaching it, since it looked like a good, quick filler game with a bit of depth to it, and I thought gabriel_le might like it. (Yes, I made her sit down and play, too.) She ended up winning. (In fact, she ended up winning a lot of stuff this weekend.)

After dinner at the Mee Xim, I wandered back to Cangames to find some pick-up games. (gabriel_le didn't.) I saw a couple looking at TransAmerica and talking about trying it, so I volunteered to sit down, teach and play with them. (TransAmerica is identical in game play to TransEuropa, just on a different map.) Then, I got taught most of the rules to Toxic Waste before the owner took the game away. Instead, another person there pulled out Taj Mahal, which is an enjoyable game of hand management and rivalry for a variety of different scoring pips in a series of rounds. An enjoyable game.
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Another day at Cangames.

Played Twilight Struggle -- a 2-player card-based game of the cold war. gabriel_le played as well, and we both liked it a lot.

Went home for lunch, ate some cheese & crackers, and quickly threw a chili together so we'd have dinner, and probably food for the rest of the weekend.

After lunch, played Britannia, which I also liked a lot -- though it is more war-gamish than what we normally play. I do like those types, too, and haven't played one in a while.

Then, after gabriel_le appeared and said "let's visit the dealer's room/retail area", and not quite comprehending the danger, I agreed. Oops. Now, I have Mexica, Twilight Struggle, and Britania in my collection.

After a dinner of the lovely chili, then back to the con. I played Battlelore (to learn), which took a couple hours, then played Citadels. I'm still very unsure how I feel about Battelore (and the family; I've played Memoir '44 as well).

gabriel_le played Modern Art in the afternoon (which she quite liked), then Rail Baron (a classic, of which I have a copy though I'm not sure my copy is complete) which she both liked, and won a trophy for. She was quite bouncy on the walk home. :)

Oh ya, I won Twilight Struggle and Brittania (though neither completed), but not the others.

More Battelore tomorrow -- the series is so highly rated on BGG, I really do want to give it a fair shot. (So far, I've tended to find it frustrating, due to not having the cards to allow me to do something where I've wanted/needed to do stuff.)
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First evening at Cangames. I had signed up for Shogun, thinking it would be a chance to try the new Shogun that I had looked at purchasing. Turns out it was the old Shogun, that I had played a couple decades ago. I thought I owned it, too, but apparently not. Dunno who did, then.

gabriel_le had her first game (2pm) cancelled by GM no-show, and her 2nd game (Junta this evening) cancelled by no players, so she played Shogun, too.
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I have 4 new games -- 3 I bought from Tanga, through the help of [livejournal.com profile] eviljohn, and the 4th was a "thank you" gift from metalana and rbowsprite for staying at my place last weekend.

The ones I picked up were Buy Low Sell High, The Bridges of Shangri-La, and Tongiaki. The gift was Dead Man's Treasure. All 4 look to be fairly quick playing and not overly complex, with the Shangri-La then Tongiaki looking to have the most strategy/thinking involved.

Buy Low Sell High, though, is about the most over-packaged game I can recall seeing in ages. It is in a largish box (about 1' x 1' x 3"), with the interior plastic tray being about 2.5" tall -- that is, most of the box interior is utterly wasted. The board is nicely made -- but way over-designed, and could easily have been 1/3 the size it is. And the rest of the bits are smallish, with an oddly small deck of cards for the game, given the large size of everything else.

The big problem -- where to put the new games? My games shelving unit is full. This will be resolved in the future, by having a built-to-fit shelving unit in the same place with a lot more space, but until then, I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll have to rearrange and juggle things for now.

[edit]Moved a few games to another shelving unit, rearranged a few games. Everything is good.[/edit]
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Board games at my place, this Saturday (February 3rd) from noon to five (12h00-17h00). High on my list of want-to-play are Power Grid, Caylus, Amun Re, and Santiago.

RSVPs appreciated, so I know whether I'll actually have anyone to game with or not.
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First we painted. Ok, first we cuddled then we breakfasted, then we went over and did a bunch of painting. ragnhildr picked out some very nice colours, and we coated many walls, and occasional ceiling bits (some on purpose) with pretty coloured paints. Then we went over to foms' and con_girl's place, where foms fed us some dinner. And, several games were played, including Set (which con_girl declared she needed to own), Thurn and Taxis (where gabriel_le beat me, darn her anyway), Ticket to Ride (where my destination cards led to triumph) and Spank the Monkey (where ragnhildr succeeded in spanking the primate, which gabriel_le unfortunately discoverd was a gorilla not a monkey as we'd all originally thought). [edit] We also played Hey, That's My Fish (where I ate huge wockets of fish).[/edit]

And, I managed to forget my travelling pile of games (smaller variant) at their house. Oops. Hopefully they can be retrieved tomorrow, when I see them at dinner.
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I volunteered to run Jungle Speed at Arisia -- officially from 9pm to 11pm on Friday evening. I ended up starting at 8pm, and closing up at about 12:20am. The game was popularly, generally have 5-8 players at any particular time, with different people rotating through, and several people asking me afterwards what the game was, where they could buy it, etc. All in all, I think it was a definite success. (And while there were a few injuries, nothing major.)
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I was tired, so skipped going out last night.

Today, at kattales, we had me, gabriel_le, green_ogre, and of course, kattale. We got in two games, first Thurn and Taxis, which I won (and this was our first 4-player game of it). gabriel_le thinks she likes it best 3-player, I think that both 3 and 4 seem to work pretty well. Then we played Power Grid, one of my new games, and the finish was (at least to my eyes) quite close, with gabriel_le winning on the tie-break (which I think is common in this game, from the reading I've done) with 17 cities, I also had 17, then kattale and green_ogre both had 16 powered cities, and kattale won that tie-break.

Fun was had by all, including the cats, one of which spent much of the time sitting on my game-carrying luggage, and the other of which enjoyed playing with gabriel_le's yarn.
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Yeah, it's a meme, and I generally try to avoid memes, but I think I'll go with this one.

gabriel_le and I are such geeks, we played not one, but two board-games on our New Year's Eve together. We tried Power Grid two player, giving me a chance to learn the game before teaching it to more people, but found that it is probably a better game with more. (It involves an auction, competition for resources, and jockeying for play order, all of which are more interesting with more than two people.) And, we played Iron Dragon, which is much faster and with less down-time when played with two people.
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Went over to con_girl's for rail gaming today, since she wanted to play Railroad Tycoon. They (she? foms? both?) had been given it a while ago, and hadn't gotten to play it yet. It is a giant game -- the board is huge. It has a number of bits that are unimportantly pretty, and a number of things that are important, yet poorly designed/constructed for the bits of the game, but seems to be a generally good game. (And, I won.) Then we negotiated dinner, and a couple quick games of Jungle Speed were played. Then, after dinner, we continued the railway theme with a game of Ticket to Ride. (This was won by foms.)

Next Saturday, the 6th, will be gaming at [livejournal.com profile] kattale's place (which is in the west end). We'll be starting at 2:30pm. I'll be bringing over a load of games, and she'll be supplying the place. Her place has somewhat less room than mine -- limit of one table of gaming, about 6 people. She should be posting about it in her journal at some point.
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