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I was up relatively early to get to a roller-skating lesson for 8am. Just a 1-hour lesson, but amazing how much that can work you.

At work, I got confirmation that I will be going to Michigan in two weeks, so I got to book all that travel. But yay trip.

I had lunch with ironphoenix, too.

After work, I had dinner with Jex, and got to see Giovanni. He is getting bigger -- but that is what babies do.

Then, after dinner, out to Stittsville for board games, where we played Antike.

I'm home now, and I need to organize and pack for a trip to the 'Gunks, leaving tomorrow morning around 8am. Hopefully the weather will be not-awful.
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That was a good day of gaming. Kanban - Driver's Edition (2nd playing) and Tzolk'in - The Mayan Calendar.
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If I'm already feeling tired and achy tonight, how's tomorrow morning going to feel? An hour of dance, and then the same evening two hours on roller skates is enough that I am definitely feeling it. And, I took a couple of falls trying things, which I'm sure helps with the creation of some of the aches.
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[personal profile] beable suggested playing some heavy games this weekend, so she, [personal profile] foms and I got together to game today. We started with the learning game of Food Chain Magnate (since beable had not played it before), then followed with a full game. I won both handily. After a good dinner at Koreana, we came back and finished the day with Brass, where I came in last, though all the scores were reasonable.
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I went out for Chinese food for dinner this evening, my fortune cookie:

You will be traveling to distand lands for business purposes.

Maybe I should by a lottery ticket with the numbers it gave?


Mar. 13th, 2019 05:19 pm
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Why is it snowing again? I mean, not just sprinkling, but big heavy flakes accumulating on the ground and everything?

And home

Mar. 10th, 2019 02:01 pm
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I am home again; well, I arrived last night -- but with flight delays and time change, I didn't get back to the house until after 3am, so just went to bed.
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My YVR -> YYZ flight was cancelled. I am rebooked on a YVR -> YOW direct flight, still business class, but not the super-sweet 787 business class that I was going to have on the YVR -> YYZ flight. Oh well. At least I only get home about 1/2 an hour later than expected.
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I'm delayed about an hour out of Vancouver, but should still make my connection -- and if not, there's likely another flight I can catch.

I've had a good week of skiing here in B.C. Not a lot of fresh snow, but generally solid base, good skiing, and a fair bit of sun.
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Made it to the airport, waited for Michael who's flight was on time, but who's luggage was much delayed. Then successfully made the drive to & check-in in Whistler.
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I don't often fly through Calgary.
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I've got the week off -- from work, not travel. I'm heading out to Whistler/Blackcomb for my annual week of skiing with Michael.

Home again

Feb. 24th, 2019 07:04 am
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I am home again.

Also, the front of the main-floor of the passenger cabin of a 747 looks really odd -- I'm not used to the front of the plane ending in a bulk-head, not in a door.
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Though, only for a short (1 week) visit.

FRA -> YYZ -> YOW.
Apparently the Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Toronto sells well, because I've been upgraded to business class for my flight home. I'm not complaining. :) (I also upgraded my YYZ -> YOW segment with Air Canada.)


Feb. 17th, 2019 07:29 pm
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I landed in Frankfurt having not slept on the plane -- it landed at 7:30am Germany time, which is before bed-time Ottawa time. I have no driven to Hildesheim, napped, and had dinner. I'm still feeling sleepy, though.
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I feel like I've done this trip before. More than once.

Yep, I'm off for another week in Germany -- flying to Frankfurt then driving to Hildesheim, because even with the 330km drive, it was easier than trying to faly Hanover, then drive from there.
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Hey people, board-games chez-moi this coming Sunday. 1pm and on through afternoon and hopefully evening. RSVPs appreciated, but not required.
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Had some fun with, well, if not quite extreme, at least, agressive, snowshoeing with Phil and Rachel. We went up the Luskville Falls trail, with detours, then down Luskville Falls. I did at least three full somersaults during the expedition, one of them fully intentional. :)
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[personal profile] ironphoenix and I co-hosted gaming today, afternoon at his place then evening here. We started with Skull and Roses -- a short bluffing game -- then split into two groups. Brass at one table, and something else upstairs. You can guess which one I played in. :)

We hit the Chu-Shing for dinner, then my place, where once again it was an 18xx in one room, and Food Chain Magnate in the other -- this time I was in the Food Chain Magnate game. We didn't quite finish, but I had a clear lead it look almost guaranteed I'd pull out the win.

A good turn out for both afternoon and evening, and it was good to see [personal profile] metawidget out for a game in the evening.
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I think that's [personal profile] commodorified, though it might have been many of my other friends, too, and probably has been.

Today was not a wasted day.

I went quad roller-skating. I haven't been on that sort of skate in... decades. Quite probably more than three of them, maybe three and half of them. It was a LOT of fun. Thanks Marisol!

I may have a new thing.
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