Feb. 20th, 2017

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I'm sure I was busy. :)

Thursday evening was a date with Kathleen. Friday evening was a dance lesson, then a rescue lift-home for Kathleen.

Saturday was board-gaming part 1. I lost at Brass then Eminent Domain. Kathleen joined us for dinner, then we played a couple learning-turns of Indonesia, followed by a re-start, followed by the about 2/3s of a game of Indonesia. I think I was in a pretty good place, despite a lower cash holding than others.

Sunday was quieter, with afternoon errands -- buying some work clothes, triggered by forgetting a couple shirts in the hotel in Grand Rapids. Then dinner at Spicy Legend with Mike and Suzanne. It was really good, but really spicy -- and that was just at "medium". I can definitely recommend the special roast fish, with cumin -- though, the medium is pretty intense. The flavour, though, was deep, rich, and excellent.

And, today, 7 people for gaming in the afternoon -- a 4-player (including me) game of Village (me) and a game of Caylus happened. Then we went to the Pho Bo Ga King for dinner. Now a quiet evening.

A good long-weekend.


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