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It is way too early in the morning to be conscious. But a 7:30am flight means a 5am wake-up. I think, given the time-changes, I'll not have coffee now, try to sleep across Canada, then stay awake across the Pacific. We'll see how that works.


Feb. 15th, 2013 09:21 am
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But homeward bound. SFO seems to have free wifi, w00t! Sadly, though, no lounge for star alliance in the terminal I'm flying out of. Happily, though, little desk-with-chairs-and-power sections around the terminal, and I've snagged one right outside my gate.

The visit to California has been good, including seeing a few friends (tenacious_snail, thatguychuck, and Erica), climbing (several gyms, and 1 day outside) and a (seemingly) successful training.

I am, though, looking forward to being home, if only for a week. It is going to be a busy week, though.
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I have made it back from Grenoble, France to Ettlingen, Germany. The drive mostly went well, except there was one section across Switzerland that was stop and go for about 30km for no apparent reason. Well, maybe volume, but nothing more than that, and why are all those people out driving somewhere on a Sunday?

Grenoble is gorgeous. A&T's apartment is a lovely 8th floor flat (top of building) with huge terraces with views of mountains all around them. I had quite a pleasant visit with them.

The Swiss seem to love building tunnels. I went through multiple 3km or longer tunnels in my trip across Switzerland. In feels like they look for any excuse to build a tunnel... "hey, there's a big cliff in the way... let's put in the tunnel", "hey, there's a little cliff in the way, let's put in a tunnel", even, "hey there's a farmer's field with two cows in the way... that one needs a 3km tunnel". Sure, they have mountains -- but so does France in that area, and the Swiss had far more tunnels.

There is something very relaxing about not having to worry about, and always look for, the cops while driving at speeds well in excess of 100 km/h. And passing a "plolizei" at 140 is kind of nice.

Also, Grenoble has more pretty women than either Germany or the UK. (Ok, not in total, probably, but as a visible part of the population, definitely.)
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I got tired of "home again" as a subject, so decided to change it up a bit. Flight out of Detroit got a bit delayed due to problems starting the engines, but not too much. Luckily, baggage handling at YOW was reasonable, instead of its usual snail's pace, so I got home about the normal time.
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Done the training, got to the airport smoothly, got food, now I'm just waiting for the plane to come. It's still showing as on time, so hopefully everything will go smoothly.

I'm really looking forward to my own bed for tonight. The hotel bed here was a bit too firm.

And, seeing my sweetie will be good, too. It looks to be a busy weekend as well, but I seem to like them that way.
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Well, actually, I arrived a little while ago, but I've now settled in to the hotel and had dinner. Flight was a bit delayed, but mostly things went smoothly. Well, the hotel that was booked is dumb -- there are at least 3 hotels across the street from the GM technical center, so it somebody stupidly booked me a couple miles away. Doh. I wonder if there is any point in complaining?

And home...

Aug. 2nd, 2008 08:05 pm
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but not for long. Leaving tomorrow, flight around 4pm.
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A bit late getting in here, but still in time for my connection. Luckily managed to get upgraded both on the crossing and from here to Ottawa. Yay for more comfortable travel.

I'm looking forward to getting home, though, if only for 24 hours.
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I found a gym in Birmingham, making it basically on the way from where I was (Stoke on Trent) to where I am now (Heathrow). I climbed at Redpoint Climbing Centre. It had more routes than on Wednesday, but not as much height and not as much interesting texture or angles, though still more than I'm used to at Coyote. I bouldered for a bit, then picked out a trio and asked if they'd mind if I joined as a 4th. It went quite well. Again, made it up things in the 5+ range quite well, fell off a couple 6as, then completed a 6a+, though with some hangdogging.

With this gym, I've now climbed at 20 different climbing gyms in 4 different countries, including 10 states of the USA.
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I think I've found someone to go climbing with in the Peaks District of the UK on Sunday! He posted on a rock-climbing forum over there looking for a partner for the best day for me to climb.

And, I should even be awake enough to climb, since I've got an upgrade to business class on the flight over, so should be able to sleep, too.

I'm really excited about this. I love adding a new area to my climbing experience, to get a feel for other types of rocks, ratings, styles, etc.


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