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That was quite a party. Yet again, things broke up around 5am. I was up at 10am the next day -- way too early -- for Christmas and birthday celebrations with my family. I've finally gotten around to doing more cleanup. Wow did we go throug a LOT of beverage servicing devices (wine glasses, port glasses, liqueur glasses, mugs, etc). I've got a 2nd full load in the dishwasher, and still got a bunch for the next load.

Thank you everyone who came, and everyone who brought me something, and everyone who brought stuff to share. I greatly appreciate your generosity and sharing.

I managed to avoid my usually "is anyone going to show up for my party" panic this time. Because, I get that. Everything is setup, the party start time has arrived, and people are being "fashionably" late. And it is 8:05pm, and I'm panicking that nobody will come. (Yes, I realize this is irrational.) This time, the first guests showed up at 20 minutes to 8, so there was no such worry.

Beverage list:

Some Scotches (Glen Fidditch 12 year, Bowmore Islay 12 year, Aberlore 10 year).
A sipping Tequila & a Honey-herb liquer (to be returned to ironphoenix).
Sortilege (maple syrup & rye liqueur)

Pinnacle Ice Cider
Neige Premier Ice Cider

Opitz One (red dessert wine, present from ragnhildr) - very nice, light sweet, refreshing
Le Pedneault Plum Mistelle - sweet, interesting, enjoyable. (I think it was metawidget and rottenfruit which brought it.)

Cruz vintage 1989 Porto - (?) - interesting, a touch tannic at first, but mellowed with air, nice complex notes, but not the most impressive vintage I've had.

Sandeman 10 year Tawny (mikepictor; LCBO) - an absolutely solid 10-year tawny. Pleasant, warm, sweety/caremelly, a bit darker in colour than I expected from a tawny of that age, though.

Fonseca 20 year tawny (SAQ - $68.00) - everything I would expect from a port of this age and quality. Gorgeous colour, caramel aroma, and intresting flavours.

Burmest 10 year tawny (SAQ, $35) - a welcome return visit.

Pocas LBV 2001 (SAQ, $23) - I was surprised to find this was an unfiltered and needed decanting. A nice LBV, though it needed a bit of breathing. Worth drinking again.

Offley Cachucha reserve white Port - (SAQ, $19) - a reasonable white port. Quite drinkable, but will have to resample to be sure, since it came out late in the evening.


Dec. 26th, 2009 01:47 am
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I've been drinking a bunch of Port. I know, I know, this surprises noone. But, I haven't been tracking any of it -- well, other than the row of bottles. I thought I might actually like to start commenting on some of the various ports as I drink them.

Offley - LBV 2004 - $21 SAQ - Surprised me with a non-reusable cork. A decent LBV, quite drinkable, some interesting notes.

Cabral - Caracter Resrva - $17 SAQ (10.25 special) - A quite nice ruby. I should buy a few more bottles at that price.

Barros - Tawny - $14.25 SAQ - An acceptable Tawny. I don't have a standard drinking tawny, and this might step up, especially at the price.

Ferreira - Don Antonia Reserva - $18 LCBO - My current day-to-day ruby. Quite nice, very drinkable, quite consitent.

Burmester - 10 yo Tawny - $34.25 SAQ - A very nice tawny. Rich, sweet, interesting notes. Well worth the price.

Taylor Fladgate - 40 yo Tawny - >$150 US - Caramels filled the room when the bottle was opened. Beautiful rich caramel, with many layers of flavour underneath. The quality was recognisable and appreciable. I'm glad to have tasted it, but I don't think for my tastes (and budget) it is generally worth the price.

Taylor Fladgate - LBV - ~$18 LCBO - Would be my day-to-day port, if I didn't like the Ferreira just a tad better. They're both in the same price & quality range. Commodorified slightly profers this to the Ferriera, so it all works out pretty well.

Taylor Fladgate - First Estate - ~$16 LCBO - Not a fan. I like Kopka (about $14) more than this, and I don't drink Kopka anymore. Harsh, and missing something.

(There'll be more posts to come...)


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