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I had a good crowd for gaming today, including several new to the gaming circle people, plus a few people who are gamers from work. I'm not sure I can name everyone, but let's see how goes: me, ironphoenix, Elena, beable, Zan, Antra, George, Dan, Lyne, Jenz, foms, con_girl, Lena, Patrick; for social and knitting Liv and Deanne appeared; and just for the dinner portion, rottenfruit and two little ones. Not everyone was here at the same time, of course.

I played: Ricochet Robots (ironphoenix & me tied), Brass (me), Kingdom Builder (beable), Medici (me), and Princes of Florence (Zan).

Also played included: San Juan (Lyne), 7 Wonders (Elena), and Alien Frontiers (beable/foms tie). There may have been another game or two played, I'm not positive.
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Friday night I had people over for gaming.  I got a goodly crowd, enough for two tables of 4 for a game at each, plus 3 social visitors who arrived a bit too late to game, but did hang around and be social for a bit.

We played Wings of War a bit to start, then I collected four people for <a href="http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2507/liberte">Liberte</a>, a new-to-me (though published in 2001) Martin Wallace game.  I think everyone who played would be up for playing again, and I quite liked it.  (Though, it doesn't have a punishing economic engine.)

Today I went climbing at Calabogie after a 7am start.  We headed out early because several of today's crew had to be back in town for early afternoon things.  Other than meaning I had to be up way too early, it was actually kind of nice being out at the cliff before the day heated up and before the sun got on the rock. 
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Friday evening gaming seems to be working out pretty well, so we'll do it again... 7pm, my place, this Friday. 

RSVPs appreciated.
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Had enough people this time for 2 games.  I played a round of Wings of War; Charon, Inc; and another round of Wings of War.  con_girl and green_ogre both have decided they really like the game, and beable and green_ogre both want to buy and share it with other (not so serious gamer) friends/family. 

The 2nd table arrived while we were starting Charon, Inc and they played In The Year of the Dragon (arndis won).
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I had a few people over last night for gaming -- I played At The Gates of Loyang with ilanikhan, ironphoenix, and beable. arndis and tchang also showed up a bit later, played a game of My Dwarves Fly, then headed out.

This morning I got up and headed to the far right section of Home Cliff (i.e. Farm Rock) with Celine, K8, and Phil. We had a good day there, despite the heat. I got 5 climbs in, including one solid trad lead and a harder route on top-rope. The top-rope went through the section where I broke my ankle 3-1/2 years ago, which was a bit freaky for my head.
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I had a lovely turn-out on Monday, don't expect as many for this Sunday, but still going to try...

I'm hosting board-games at my place, this Sunday, starting at 1pm and running into the evening.

I'd love to get 1830 onto the table, if I get 3-4 people interested in a heavy rail-building and stock-trading game there by 1:30pm.
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I've got too many unused vacation days this year, so I have to use a bunch up before Christmas, so I used one today.

I spent the day out rock climbing. Yep, rock climbing near Ottawa in late November. This is unheard of! It was a bit chilly in the morning, but early afternoon the sun came out and it was gorgeous. Climbed a few climbs at Home Cliff, including one that I've never been on -- a wonderful 5.9 climb. Lots of good, tough, moves -- definitely a great climb.

Then, home, shower, and dinner with foms, con_girl, and ragnhildr. We were planning to go to the Malaysian restaurant near here, but it was closed. (Under new management, re-opening soon, the sign said. Who knows if that will, actually, happen. Or if it will be any good after.) So we went to the restaurant formerly known as the Fuliwah for dinner. Then back here for a game (played my new game, Charon Inc). It was good to see them, and to have a pleasant game.

Yep, all in all, a good day off.


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