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Called the local guy, again. He has no clue when, but not for at least a couple weeks. If nothing, next time, will try bumping farther up the hierarchy.
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Got a call on Wednesday, but missed it as in training. Called back today. He is in Ottawa and will be over to look at things next week.

Rick Thirsk
613 294 5523

He thinks a couple weeks. Apparently they shouldn't say 21 days any more cause they, apparently, can't do that?

Call (him) back end of month if I don't hear anything.
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No call back from Enbridge, as of 11:20am. Called them again. Apparently they can't actually put me through to anyone useful? But it is now "escalated" to a supervisor to determine why I haven't been called, and to call me and make things happen. "Should" be same day -- but might be up to two business days.
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Apparently "within 48 hours" doesn't mean within 48 hours of when they tell me 48 hours, but within 48 hours of when the report actually goes to Construction and Maintenance, or the Ottawa section thereof. Apparently that generally doesn't happen until the next day. (Called 1:45pm.)

And, it is 48 "business" hours. Which means Sat/Sun hours don't count.

Hopefully I'll hear something before noon Monday.

For my future reference:
account # 03 65 39 26303 4
case # 101977301

Enbridge customer service web page: https://www.enbridgegas.com/homes/customer-service/contact-customer-service/

Phone number: 1-877-362-7434
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So, it has been just over the 21 business days. And no fix. Called Enbridge again... apparently no record of why nothing has been done, but they should have a supervisor from their construction/landscaping side call within 48 hours, since it is overdue.

We'll see.
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I came home to the bottom of my driveway (previously concrete, though slightly old) being fresh gravel. Slightly loose, nicely smoothed flat, fresh gravel. I came home by motorcycle to surprise gravel in my driveway. It was a slightly unnerving surprise. (Not damaging, just a bit unnerving.)

Apparently, my neighbours to the south (driveway side of my house) decided to have gas installed, and the piping to the meter and the meter went in on the side of their house facing mine, and my driveway. And, to install this, they had to, I guess, dig up part of my driveway. Joy.

I called Enbridge... they are required to restore to the original condition, and have a landscaping (???) firm that does this. It should be done within 21 business days. That is, I may have gravel until sometime after Labour day. (Or, well, it might be done early -- who knows?)

I just love that they can dig through my lot, my driveway, for something that doesn't benefit me, and without my permission or, as far as I can tell, even notifying me that they're gonna do it. It's not like they're the government or something.


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