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I was out dancing Friday evening, then got a chance to practice a bunch of stuff Tuesday evening with kattale. This really helped, actually, I remembered things far better, especially how to lead them. I think, especially, teaching the different moves to kattale was really helpful -- I had to remember them clearly enough & repeat them enough for her to follow, that it really helped to ingrain them into me. Hopefully we can continue to do this. :)

Of course, sometimes she'd ask what her footwork was, or what she was supposed to do in places. Sometimes I would know, but sometimes I wouldn't. I learn how to lead the move, not necessarily how to follow it. Sometimes, though, we could logic it out.

Of course, I'm now about to take a week off. I just hope it doesn't fizz out of my brain while I'm off rock climbing.
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I went out to the a Swing dance club this evening. I discovered (to little surprise) that the moves that I've done a lot, that are solidly engrained, those I can lead. But newer stuff, stuff that I haven't practiced a lot -- I can't do those "live". I need to work them into my muscle memory a lot more before I can actually have a hope of leading them.

Also, I have to make my lead more solid, more clear. This does go hand-in-hand with feeling confident about what I'm leading. If I feel I know it well, I can lead it more solidly, but if I feel iffy about it, then it is far harder.

Having someone to practice with would really help. *sigh*
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I'm learning a fair bit, but what I really need to do is actually dance it.

Anyone on my flist in Ottawa comfortable with dancing Swing from the follow position interested in coming over and doing an hour or two of Swing dancing some evening, or evenings?

I may also try and head out to one of the local Swing clubs, too. But, then I have to ask complete strangers to dance.


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