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The weather was perfect -- hiking, canoing, lots of swimming and gaming, jumping off rocks, and even a bit of deep water soloing!
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I hosted my usual July 1st long-weekend party this weekend. There was a bit more toing and froing than usual, and the weather was cooler and more rainy than usual, but that just meant more gaming and less swimming.

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Thank you everyone that came, it was a pleasure to have you there, you're all wonderful guests.

I'm sorry, those of you who couldn't make it, got delayed, or had to leave early due to last-minute chaos and trouble. I hope that next year is less troublesome.
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Another annual cottage party has come to pass with success. We had nine core attendees (me, raynedaze, her friend C, concordantnexus, M from Michigan, metalana, con_girl, foms, and ragnhildr) plus a Sunday visit from ansfrid and buttongirl.

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Home, everyone had fun.

Lost & found (so far): one pair denim shorts. They were sitting on/near the coffee table when concordantnexus & I were doing final check.


Jun. 18th, 2006 08:33 pm
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It was a beautiful day to get out of the city, so gabriel_le and I took the bike up to the cottage today. Headed up around noon, spent the afternoon there, then back home for early evening, since she has more meals to prepare. The lake surprised me with how warm it was, considering I thought June had been chilly -- I dove in, without checking the temperature, and didn't scream when I surfaced. I swam around for a couple minutes, climbed out, stood for a couple minutes, then dove back in and swam for a few more minutes before getting out. It was, for me, decent swimming temperature -- 5-15 minutes in water ok -- but not warm enough for lounging (30-90 minutes). Of course, the more water-loving would probably fine it nicer.
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I spent last weekend at the cottage with some (9) friends. It was a really good, comfortable, relaxed time.

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