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42 books isn't that many by the standards of what I used to read, but I've got a fuller life now. Either that, or more distractions -- I'm not quite sure which.

Books 38-42: Worlds, Crystal Express, Mistral's Kiss, A Lick of Frost, Dzur )

I wonder what my reading schedule in 2008 will look like?
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I can only blame two on travel, the other one gabriel_le borrowed from the library.

Books 35-37: The Harlequin, Witch Fantastic, Darwinia )
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I haven't updated in a while, and I may even have missed a book or two because of that, but oh well. Here is what I've got.

Books 26-30: Harry Potter, Face Climbing, Werenight, Driftglass, The Omega Point Trilogy )
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I've been falling behind on my Economist, but gotten a few books read instead.

Books 23-25: How To Rock Climb, Story of O, Climbing on the Eardley Escarpment )
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I didn't take quite enough books with me this time -- but I've still got 4 more books read.

Books 19-22, Flash, Kingdom of Cages, Climbing Anchors, Deus X and Other Stories )
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I guess I've read a few more books since my last post -- time to update.

Books 14-18: Danse Macabre, All About Thickness, Archform:Beauty, Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go, Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management )

So, 18 books read by mid-May. I seem to be actually keeping pretty close to a book a week again, though not particularly trying/aiming for that. Though, right now, I'm way behind on my Economists -- partially because I fired up Master of Magic and got sucked in to a couple games of that.
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Apparently I read more when I'm stuck home sick, rather than off to work or social occasions. Though only one of these was read in the last few days -- but I also reduced my backlog of unread Economists.

books 11 to 13: Performance Rock Climbing, In The Beginning, A Stroke of Midnight )


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