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Dec. 20th, 2006 02:17 pm
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Getting tight to finish by the end of the year... but maybe I'll make it. 6 books to go, 11 days to go. Hm....

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It's late November, I have a little over a month, and 7 more books to go. Maybe I'll crunch some reading in over Christmas vacation? Or, maybe a business trip will rescue me. I've given up an online game that was chewing a bunch of my time, so maybe that will help, too.

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Most of these were bought because a dealer going out of business and disposing of stock at Confusion was selling any item on the table for $1.00. So, I picked up a bunch of gaming supplements, and a bunch of graphic novels. They were cheap. And, I've been enjoying them.

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Book 15: Under Camelot's Banner by Sarah Zettel. Another Arthurian retelling, again following some of the lesser known tales, that was quite enjoyable.

Now... I need to decide how I want to count graphic novels. They're a lot shorter than a normal printed novel, but I've been reading a few after I picked up a bunch for $1 each at Penguicon.
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I didn't get too much read on the way to Germany, since I watched a movie (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), and also tried to get some sleep. But with airport waiting, and a long flight from Germany to San Francisco, I've gotten a bit more reading done.

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Well, only two were on the trip... one was beforehand.
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Yup, all that travel definitely good for my reading time. Completed two novels by Emma Bull. I've done my February quota, and caught up some of my slippage from January. Looking at my upcoming travel schedule... well, I might be done my 50 by the end of April. :)
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Traveling is, as I expected, good for my reading. I've finished 2 books this trip, and am half way through a third. Also, got one book done before departing... so I'm starting to catch up again. With my upcoming travel schedule, I may even pull ahead...

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Feb. 5th, 2006 02:02 am
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I am so behind on my resolution to read 50 books this year. I need to take a business trip or two to get me away from distractions, and get some reading done, I guess. :)

Book 1: Incubus Dreams by Laurell K. Hamilton. The lastest Anita Blake: some violence, more sex, and Anita becomes more powerful.

Book 2: Holy Fire by Bruce Sterling. I don't think I quite get this book, or maybe it just is one of Sterling's weaker books. It meanders a lot, but that is probably intentional. Maybe it is about what it means to be post-human; definitely it is about what life-extension medical technology might do to human society. But, it never really grabbed me, and I don't think it is one of his stronger works, or, at least, not one of the stronger of his works that I've read.
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