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Just got back from my physio appointment this week -- rebooked from Wednesday due to the car problems.

I'm progressing well -- she was wondering about going forward, whether we were done, check in next week, or come back in two. I opted for the come back in two weeks, and look at things at that point.

I'm walking much better, my strength is coming back, and my mobility is improving.

When I first came in and mentioned climbing at the end of March, she was unsure if I'd make it. At this point she's pretty confident I'll be good for that. I won't be 100% of my pre-injury strength, but when I said I was looking to be about 90% she said that seemed a reasonable expectation. (With 100% taking another 6months-1year to achieve.)

When I mentioned the dancing on Saturday night, she asked how I felt on Sunday. When I said a bit more painful and tired, but not too much, she said it was fine then. I can push things as long as they don't leave me with debilitating results. Same for climbing.

I ran up the stairs at home the other night, too. :)

I can do about 4-5 one-leg heel/calf lifts on a stair with me left leg, now. (I can only get about 7-9 with my good leg.) I can stand on one leg left legged (balance practice) about as long as on my right leg.

Skiing - downhill at least - is now approved as an activity. Hm... I wonder if anyone wants to go out downhill skiing for a day or two sometime?

I should still hold off on riskier stuff, like cross-country skiing, jumping from heights, snowshoeing, etc.

Also, apparently I have (in her experience) a rare injury. Almost nobody breaks just the talus. Usually it is associated with a break of the calcaneus (too much impact in a landing on the heel) or of the tibia and/or fibula (torsion, lower leg). I guess I'm just special.
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Last night, in the shower, I just casually stood on my left leg and lifted up my right foot to wash it.


Jan. 29th, 2009 09:43 pm
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I went climbing again today -- this time not wearing the cast, but instead wearing a hiking boot, tightly laced, on my left ankle. This seemed to work pretty well, actually. The hiking boot is far more useful than the cast for holds, and I climbed pretty well. I did back off on one move (on a 5.10a) that I felt was too risky -- it was a power move on my left foot, with a poor hold that I was worried about slipping off and then hurting myself. But, I was glad to make it that far on the route. And, I did a few things, without pain, that I wasn't sure I would be able to do. I did, though, place my left foot VERY carefully when I was placing it on holds. (Actually, that is good practice, I should always place my feet carefully, it is an important climbing skill.)


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