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It is never a good sign when you return to the lounge. At least I've got an actual seat assignment for the next flight, rather than standby.

I wonder where my luggage is?
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Apparently Air Canada passengers connecting in Montreal (YUL) don't need to pick up their luggage any more. And, apparently Air Canada has not seen fit to post any signage to this effect, so there is only the general "you MUST pick up your luggage" signage. And, apparently, nobody along my whole travel path -- check-in, on-board, whatever, saw fit to mention this to me or in my hearing.

Or, in other words, I waited over an hour missing my next flight for luggage that was never going to arrive on the carousel.
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Homeward bound, another early early morning.
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The forecast for Sunday is rainy, so no climbing. That means the potential for board-gaming, if anyone is interested?
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Lots of delays through Chicago, so I got in to the hotel sometime around 3am last night/this morning. Ugh. And, instead of a normal car, I've got a Jeep. :(
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I think this is my first Dreamwidth travel post! Off for a business trip, actually to Gardena, for the week.
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I took over 400 photos in South Africa -- that's way too many to post. Sure, you're likely to get some good photos by taking lots and selecting the good ones, but that's a lot of looking through and selecting.

I'm down to 86 on my first pass, I think I'll let them sit another day or so, before I look at them again. I may, also, want to re-order them to match the story I want to tell in a few places. We'll see if I can figure out how to get that to work, especially after uploading.
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Like so many others, with the latest LJ terms-of-use changes I've moved my primary journal to DreamWidth. I intend to continue to leave my journal on LJ rather than deleting, and hopefully cross-posting will work, and both journals will continue in (mostly) parallel, at least for now.
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Though, posting from YYZ. I was delayed out of Frankfurt, but missing a Toronto->Ottawa flight around this time of day isn't generally a problem, and wasn't this time, I'm just booked on the next one.
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We've had 4 partial-days of climbing at Watervaalboven (mostly due to dodging weather), but they've been good days, and we've hit several different cliffs. This area does have a huge amount of rock -- multiple cliff-lines in generally fairly close proximity to each other, and the rock is seems quite solid -- quartzite. I can see why it may be claimed as the top sport-climbing destination in South Africa, and possibly Africa.

In Africa

Mar. 24th, 2017 04:22 pm
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I arrived yesterday, met Mike at the airport, drove to where we're climbing (Watervaalboven), and climbed 1/2 a day. Then another 1/2 day today before a storm came through and we left the crag.
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Of my massive readership here on LJ (I still have three of you, right?), I expect most will recognise that LHR is London-Heathrow, but I don't expect JNB to be quite so well known. It is Johannesburg, South Africa -- I am off to South Africa for a couple weeks (well, minus travel time, about 10 days) of rock climbing. It will be my first visit to South Africa, and to Africa as a whole, and I'm pretty excited about this.

I am meeting Mike Grainger there, who is from Kitchener, and with whom I've done a couple previous climbing trips -- though somewhat closer to home, generally being the US south-west. Unlike many of the people I've done climbing trips with, he has done most of the organizing for this one, which has made the prep far more relaxed for me.

While I am gone, I will move cubicles and floors at work, have my room-mate leave and a new room-mate move in. Definitely a busy trip. :)
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Another visit to Ottawa, another gaming day. Going for this coming Saturday, usual plan, gaming from 1pm onward with a break for dinner.

RSVPs appreciated.

Home again

Mar. 12th, 2017 01:13 pm
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I actually did get home last night, but almost immediately headed out for dinner and gaming with iron_phoenix. Gaming ended up coming back here, rather than to his place. We played Tzol'kin, and it ended up being a 1/4 pt win (on a score of around 100 pts) -- so really close.
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I feel like I've done this flight before, recently even.

The gate-area at Logan is more crowded today than I've ever seen it -- it is a little seperate section of 3 or 4 gates only used by Air Canada, and I'm used to it being pretty quiet. Not today. Dunno why, though.
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After a short visit to Ottawa, I'm off to Massachusetts again. Raynham, MA. Also, after the time-shift back from Pacific time, this is not just early, but way-too-early.

And home

Mar. 4th, 2017 03:22 pm
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For about 14 hours. One of my shorter visits. :)


Mar. 4th, 2017 08:25 am
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I'm homeward bound from skiing, but not home for long -- about 16 hours in Ottawa before I fly out to Boston again.


Feb. 26th, 2017 11:10 pm
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I've arrived in Whistler and am safely ensconced in our little loft apartment.
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I'm off to Whistler, BC, for a (short) week of skiing, and some board-gaming, with redrunn.


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